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Our Commitment

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Dedication to You

Euro African Star Transport is not the only multi-disciplinary firm in the market and we understand that you have choices. 

Our difference is that we also understand what it takes to do business in East Africa and the importance of the relationships and long term commitment to our clients. 

We are not an automated service, we do business on a personal basis and try to find the best solutions to meet your business needs. 

We also work with many smaller partners and companies that are committed to providing the highest quality of services for their Clients. It is through a community approach that we provide a human relationship to complex logistics solutions and ensure that business is conducted as it should be. 

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General Services

We provide all general services expected by a Freight Forwarder. This includes:

-Finding the best routes (ship, truck or plane)

-Handling all information requirements 

-Managing the transport

-Supervision of the process

However, we also support in providing purchasing capabilities for products and support in finding international buyers for your products. 

In Short, we work with our Clients as partners and we understand that whatever we can do to help your business, will help other business to grow. For more information, please click on one of the following service areas:

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