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Air Freight


From Concept to Delivery

Air Cargo is one of the most expensive means of product delivery but it is also the fastest and safest to get your goods to where they need to be. For perishables, it is also almost the only way. 

We provide a full range of services geared towards not wasting our client's money and resources while ensuring that their deliveries reach the right destination on-time. 

We not only work with best airlines, we also charter and enter into BSA contracts to secure the most optimal routings for our Customers. 

Air Services

In addition to being an Agent for Turkish Airlines Cargo, our Air Services include but are not limited to: 

  • forwarding consultancy and advice on different carrier options and updates on available operational capacity

  • air charter service when required to handle intra Africa and International connections to ensure the best pricing for our clients

  • preparation of cargo transport and organisation of ground handling services

  • preparation and collection of necessary documents, and issuance of airway bills when applicable

  • concluding transport contracts with companies providing transport services if done outside of our network of aviation partners.

  • monitoring of loading, transport, and handling

  • preparation of cargo insurance

  • confirmation of safe arrival

For a quotation on air service routings or services, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

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An Agent for Turkish Airlines for
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